D-G Maturity Clinic

The Dysart-Geneseo Elementary School Maturity Clinic will be held Tuesday, April 29, through Thursday, May 1. Kindergarten teachers will use Monday to prepare for the clinic. Parent conferences will be held on Friday, May 2. There will be no school for the regular kindergarten students during the week of April 28, through May 2. Birth certificates should be brought in to the office for recording before the clinic. Parents who have a child who will be five years old before September 15, 2014, please call the office at 319-476-7110, if your child’s name is not listed below or if you have any questions. Names include: Ian Andorf, Phoenix Bird, Oliver Eikamp, Brogan Elis-Schipper, Laikyn Ewoldt, Elizabeth Fontanini, Amalia Govea, Ian Grimm, Alivia Harmsen, Katy John, Addison Kavalier, Madison Koenig, Elisabeth Lampe, Journi Lindeman, Colt Mennenga, Kyra Murray, Kayleb Neelans, Hailey Petersen, Corbin Richards, Arica Riedemann, Caleb Spore, and Jackson Youngblut.