Samuelson taking part in STEM Teacher Externship

School is out for summer, but North Tama Industrial Tech instructor Rick Samuelson is continuing to learn and gain hands-on experience working with Clearline Industries right here in Traer through a STEM Teacher Extenship program.

Rather than an internship, an externship is an opportunity to gain real-world experience to learn more about one’s field of study from the outside. According to Samuelson, this experience is one he can take back to his classroom this fall. He learned about the opportunity through a colleague, but made the choice of Clearline for his externship.

Through this externship, Samuelson is observing the production process for commercial blades made by Clearline Industries. One example of a use for these blades is for food production. The blades are sharpened, buffed and polished in the facility just south on Traer on Highway 63 and shipped across the country to places like Wells Enterprises, best known for it’s Blue Bunny line of products.

“It great to see an industrial process and how it works,” Samuelson said. “I’ve been here only six days, but I have learned so much I can take back to the classroom.”

Samuelson’s externship requires him to create a manual and video guide for new workers to instruct them on the work process at Clearline. While the company employs 46, Samuelson’s involvement allows for him to observe as the work is being done.

“Every manufacturing plant does things differently, so I want be sure how Clearline does it from start to finish to help them,” Samuelson said.

The externship will be completed at the end of July. The Traer Star-Clipper will do a follow-up piece once Samuelson’s externship is done. Samuelson has been with North Tama County School District going on eight years.