North Tama Dollars for Scholars continues to grow

North Tama Dollars for Scholars began December 19, 2019. We hoped to give three $1,000 scholarships our first year. We hosted an open for business chili and beefburger dinner at the school in January, 2020. Your generous response let us award three scholarships that night. Then COVID-19 began. Nevertheless we were able to give seven more grads a $1,000 scholarship in May, 2020, for a total of ten – three of which were renewable a second year in the skills and trades category.

To raise funds we send an annual request letter to about one thousand homes in the North Tama area, work with alumni and make grant requests. Despite COVID-19 we were able to grant 16 scholarships (three renewable) in 2021. Our goal for 2022 is 22 scholarships, four of which will be renewable a second year in the skills and trades category.

Seniors make only one application for all our scholarships. The senior enters their Student Profile information online at our northtama.dollarsforscholars.org website (Student and Parent section). The scholarships are scored anonymously by computer. A student can receive only one scholarship. Qualifying grades are C+; B; and A grades.

Scholarships are for any certified higher education program in Iowa. Join us at the North Tama Awards Night to see our scholarship winners. You can learn more by visiting our website, northtama.dollarsforscholars.org