Steel Shooters of Traer do well at state competition

The Steel Shooters of Traer competed in state competition recently at the Dragoon Chapter Izaak Walton League in Elkhart. They managed to place in the top 3 of each event.

The Centerfire Pistol Team of Tanner Calderwood (64.38), Clayton Sienknecht (63.27), Brian Stewart (70.37) and Spencer Larsen (149.23) took second place with a score of 347.25.

The Rimfire Pistol Team of Grace Asmussen (61.02), Cole Busch (44.36), Megan Carty (54.96) and Kayla Vavroch (97.30) placed first with a combine score time of 257.64 seconds. Nate Gibson (71.63) placed fourth with 3 Ghost times (360) for a score of 431.63.

In Iron Rifle, Busch (40.09), Calderwood (49.26), Sienknecht (51.87) and Stewart (48.81) placed first with a squad score of 190.03. Placing second were Gibson (55.96), Larsen (57.24), Jacob Lowe (68.22) and Ghost score (120) for a squad score of 301.42. Alex Meggers (76.23) and Sydney Vavroch (97.45) and 2 Ghost scors (120) placed fifth with 413.68.

In Optics Rifle, Calderwood (46.56), Busch (35.15), Sienknecht (42.01) and Stewart (49.66) took first place with a time of 173.38. The squad of Larsen (58.81), Gibson (43.98) and Lowe (54.72) and Ghost score (120) placed fourth with a squad score of 277.51. Meggers (72.49) and S. Vavroch (82.50) and two Ghost scores (240) took ninth place with a score of 394.99.

Their next shooting event will be at the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation National Team Championship to be held in Marengo, Ohio in July. The squads are coached by Pete Holden and Mike Calderwood.