Municipal and school board filing deadline September 16

Filing deadlines for both municipal and school board elections are fast approaching, with multiple seats across the area up for election on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

The first day to file nomination papers to run for school board was August 23; the filing deadline is September 16 at 5 p.m. with the respective district’s board secretary. An affidavit of candidacy and the nomination petitions must be filed together.

Nomination petitions for school board candidates must have signatures from at least one percent of the qualified electors of any given district or 50 electors, whichever is less.

The North Tama School District Board of Education has four at-large seats up for election. Board members whose terms are expiring include board president Rod Zobel, Haley Blaine, David Calderwood, and Cheryl Popelka. At the time of publication, only President Zobel has indicated his decision to seek reelection.

Three school board director seats are up for election in the Union Community School District including Kristi Martin’s at-large seat. The terms of Darrell DeWinter of District 1 and Kevin Sash of District 2 are also expiring.

At the time of publication, only DeWinter responded with comments regarding his reelection plans.

“I have made the decision to not seek reelection,” DeWinter said in an email. “My time on the board has been very rewarding … We have a wonderful thing here at Union and it has been an honor to serve on this board.”

Nomination papers for city council and mayor are due to the city clerk’s office by Thursday, September 16 at 5 p.m. Paperwork to file for candidacy can be obtained from either the city clerk of each respective community or printed via the Iowa Secretary of State’s website.

Traer City Council has three seats up for election this November including the seats currently held by council members Laurie Schafer and James Earhardt. Mayor Pete Holden’s term is also expiring.

Three of Dysart City Council’s seats will be on the ballot this November. The terms of council members Taylor Gingrich, Reece Peterson, and Bret Hennessey are expiring.

Every seat on the Clutier City Council is up for election this year including the seats currently held by Phillip Breja, Keith Erickson, Sue Kupka, Gary Pearson, and DeAnn Weber. Mayor Gordon Fassett’s term is also expiring.