MEET YOUR LOCAL CANDIDATES: James Erhardt, Traer City Council

2021 Combined City/School Election: Traer City Council candidates, two seats open, vote for two

Remember to VOTE on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

AGE: 47

PROFESSION: Business owner Anderson Collision, Erhardt Motorsports

EDUCATION: North Tama High School, Hawkeye Community College, AMI continuing education in business and finance

FAMILY: Wife Carmen, Son Ethan, Daughter Emily

What motivated you to run for school board/city council/mayor? I want to see our City move forward in the right direction

What qualities and behaviors should school board/city council members and mayors exhibit? Involved and engaged in our community, always looking for ways to move the city forward in the right direction

What do you see as the primary roles and responsibilities for the position you are running for? Council members roles and responsibilities are clearly written in Chapter 17 of the Code of Ordnances, Traer, IA In addition to those I believe council members should always look for any and everyway to improve and better our great City.

How would you handle requests if approached by an individual? Special interest group? Each request would be handled on a case by case basis, and addressed as needed in accordance with the Code of Ordinances, Traer, IA

Why is it important for people to vote in school board/city elections? These elected official’s are the people’s voice on council and citizens should make it a point to vote for those that reflect their own value’s

What challenges do you see small, rural communities like yours facing today as compared to larger cities and suburbs? What do you plan to do to help meet those challenges as a city council member/mayor? [no response provided]

Why should people vote for you on November 2, 2021? I think I have a common sense approach to city council and always want to see what is best for our City and citizens