Democracy in action in Clutier

Photos from Election Day November 2, 2021

Patti Kupka waits at the end of a long table of scrumptious looking desserts to collect payment during the Election Day soup fundraiser for the Clutier Public Library held in Clutier Legion Hall last Tuesday, November 2. In addition to serving homemade chicken noodle soup, chili, beef burgers, and rohklicky, there was also a drawing for a community project quilt and two pints of Bohemian plum jam. Photo by Ruby F. Bodeker
A spool of ‘I Voted’ stickers rests on a cart in Clutier City Hall on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 2 during the combined city/school election. First time poll worker Barbara Morrison and veteran poll workers Jackie Snyder and Pat Kubik chat in the background during a lull in voting. Photo by Ruby F. Bodeker
Benton Behrens, 20, (right) and his dad Chris (second from right) work with Clutier poll workers (left to right) Barbara Morrison (hidden), Jackie Snyder, and Pat Kubik during the November 2 election. Benton and Chris stopped by the Clutier City Hall to vote Tuesday afternoon before heading out to deer hunt. Photo by Ruby F. Bodeker
Photo by Ruby F. Bodeker
After taking a hiatus due to COVID-19, the Clutier Public Library resumed their Soup Day fundraiser on Election Day, November 2 last week. A sign posted near the entrance to Clutier City Hall reminded voters a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup or chili was waiting for them just down the road at Legion Hall after casting their ballot. Photo by Ruby F. Bodeker
A hungry Clutier resident waits for a second bowl of chili to be prepared for his spouse during Clutier’s annual Soup Day fundraiser held on Election Day last week in Legion Hall. The annual fundraiser, which according to those present has been held since at least 2000, was making its debut return after being cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Photo by Ruby F. Bodeker
Photo by Ruby F. Bodeker
Photo by Ruby F. Bodeker