Traer Sesquicentennial talks murals, seed money

Murals and seed money were the main topics of discussion during the Traer Sesquicentennial Committee’s third organizational meeting held on Monday, November 15 in the Traer Library basement.

Dawn Breakenridge with the Winding Stairs Festival Committee was in attendance to share some ideas for possible town murals she had been brainstorming with Michelle Podhajsky from the Traer Chamber of Commerce.

Breakenridge shared a few mural images mocked up by Waverly muralist Dan Hatala.

Although nothing has been determined — no building owners have been approached nor has the idea been posed to the Traer City Council — committee members in attendance were enthused by the idea of a mural and would like to include it as part of the 150th festivities.

Later in the meeting, Podhajsky shared some exciting news with the committee about the existence of possible seed money planted by the 125th planning committee for future Sesquicentennial festivities. There is indeed an account, Podhaksky said, that has been managed by the Traer Community Foundation, but fundraising for the 2023 Traer Sesquicentennial will require a great deal more financial investment than what is available.

Other topics of discussion Monday night included the continuing need for a logo with the possibility of asking the public to vote on logo ideas; the different committees needed including a Beard Committee for a possible revival of the Centennial beard contest; the need for a webpage, email address, and social media channels dedicated solely to the Sesquicentennial.

The next meeting of the Traer Sesquicentennial Committee is scheduled for Monday, January 31, 2022 beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Traer Museum. All are welcome.