Update from Tama County Historical Society

Tama County Historical Society Museum

Due to the recent resignation of the Tama County Historical and Genealogical Society’s President Elizabeth Reece, Joan Hayward Helm was elected to take over as president. Connie Pugh has replaced Helm’s seat on the board.

Current board members are as follows: President Joan Hayward Helm, Vice President Virginia Roberts, Secretary Jean Bolen, and Treasurer Brett Reece, with Mary Kirchner, Connie Pugh, Jim Roberts, and Jason Staker serving as the remaining board members.

Jason Staker is working on gathering information and a budget plan for new computers for the museum, which will be presented to the board at a future meeting.

The library and museum will be closed starting December 1st and will remain closed till March 1st, 2023. We’re grateful for all our volunteers that do so much to keep our museum and library running.

Our annual Christmas potluck party is scheduled for December 7, 2022, starting at 5:30 pm. Please bring a covered dish to share and your table service. If you wish to attend, please sign up before December 1, 2022. You can contact the museum at 641-484-6767 or email tamacountyhistory@gmail.com, and we will record your name on the list and what you plan to bring. This will help us plan accordingly.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8th, 2023, at 5:30 pm. Members are always welcome. If you wish to discuss an item, please contact Jean Bolen through the museum at least 2-3 days ahead to add it to the agenda.

In closing, we would like to thank Elizabeth Reece very much for all of her wonderful work and efforts for our societies, museum, and library over the past several years. We will miss her and wish her good luck in her new adventures.