The short-term Engineer

Grundy Co. Engineer Gary Mauer, left, pictured alongside Grundy Co. Supervisor Mark Schildroth during a ribbon-cutting ceremony held last Sept. 7 for the Grundy Road near Hudson. Mauer has been hired by Tama Co. as interim county engineer. PHOTO BY RUBY F. MCALLISTER

The March 27 Tama County Supervisors meeting saw the announcement of the hiring of interim County Engineer Gary J. Mauer. Mauer is the current Engineer for Grundy County and will be splitting his time between the two counties for the time being. The start date for Mauer is March 28; he will be contracted to work for Tama County through June 30, 2023. Tama will pay Mauer a rate of $2,000 per week plus benefits. Engineer Mauer will work up to 4 hours per week at the Tama County Engineer’s Office and will provide services as needed by email or other electronic communication. Tama also will reimburse Grundy $0.50/mile for use of vehicle on business conducted for Tama.

Other business

Supervisors passed a resolution to vacate a partial road in the unincorporated town of Haven also known as Eureka.

Jesse Ward, Assistant to the Tama County Engineer reported that contract rock hauling started on March 22 in the north end of the county.

Backyard Vines south of Traer was approved for a liquor license.

Claims totaled $2,990.89.