Bird friendly resolution takes flight

News & notes from Tama Co. Board of Supervisors Oct. 30

Tama County Administration Building, 104 W State St., Toledo, Iowa. TELEGRAPH FILE PHOTO

TOLEDO – Birds were once again the topic at last week’s Tama County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Raina Genaw, the naturalist for Tama County Conservation, attended the meeting to speak about the Bird Friendly Community resolution. Genaw informed those in attendance that the resolution wouldn’t change much of what the county already does.

There are three main pillars of the resolution, Genaw said. The first is education – teaching children and adults alike about birds and bird safety. The second pillar is habitat which is land management (i.e. providing bird housing) which Tama County Conservation already does. The last pillar is reducing bird threats.

This resolution would hopefully help the county on multiple fronts, including grants and tourism. One citizen brought up several concerns, including increasing bird flu numbers. Genaw informed that bird flu is not an issue that is dealt with at the county level, but higher up.

After much discussion, the Bird Friendly Community resolution left the nest passing 3-0.

Other business

A proxy for the Tama County Engineer reported that blades are out, and they are transitioning for winter. This will be the last week for mowers. The Toledo Deer Creek Bridge had its approaches paved, and they are just waiting for them to cure. This week work will be done underneath the bridge, to get the trail in order. K Avenue bridge has been torn out, and currently, dirt work is being done, with pilling to start next.

A liquor license for the Traveling Tapster was approved.

Claims totaling $215,841.47 were approved.