Wulf’s Weekly Roundup: Edition 6

Rep. Derek Wulf (R-Hudson),

As week eight approaches, its full steam ahead into funnel week at the lowa State Capitol. Any bills that are not actively moving through the process of progressing through subcommittee and committee approval will run out of time to be taken up this year’s session, so it will be a flurry of activity in Des Moines this week see which priorities survive to see further discussion on their way to passage

The House Republicans moved a bill forward last week to create additional protection for all landowners as three major CO2 pipeline projects are in the works in lowa. As one of many farmers from low and now a State Representative, I will always stand up and protect landowners’ rights. HF 368 requires carbon capture pipeline companies to reach voluntary easements for 90% of the land on their route before they could seek to use eminent domain. It also grants landowners the right to sue companies for damages caused by pipelines to things like drainage, soil compaction and irrigation systems. In addition, it also requires CO2 pipeline companies to get all necessary permits in other states before attempting to use eminent domain in lowa. I understand that this bill may not be seen as perfect by folks on either side of this issue. We want to support the ethanol industry here in lowa while ensuring landowners’ rights are respected. We think this bill strikes that balance to do both.

In the past weeks, the Government Oversight committee heard five lowa moms share their experience challenging books in their child’s school library or curriculum that were not age appropriate. Its second meeting last week featured the administrators from those districts to explain their side of the book review process and what led their district to either leave or pull the books.

Democrats have dismissed the sexual nature of this material. So, let me be clear, we’re talking about explicit images and extremely graphic passages of sexual acts. There is no context that would call for this material to belong in a public school. Parents should not have to weed through every book in their child’s school library to know that their child isn’t being exposed to content that is not age appropriate. This material shouldn’t be here in the first place. House Republicans are working on an effective legislative solution to rid schools of inappropriate material and give parents a clear and efficient path to challenge a book they don’t think belongs.

I had the honor of welcoming Farm Bureau members from Tama and Benton Counties last week and updating them on this issue relating to the organization’s 2023 legislative priorities. I would like to give them a huge thank you for braving the winter weather to make sure their members were well represented.

Celebrating lowa State University Day on the Hill last week, the Cyclones flooded the first floor Capitol Rotunda showing their pride for lowa’s largest Agriculture and Engineering university. It was a pleasure to talk to President Dr. Wendy Wintertsteen on my policy priorities during this session. Meeting several students who share passion for the animal industry vet program at ISU, I was happy to share with them that I was able to help the State Government Subcommittee in passing HSB 181, an act providing that a licensed vet who acts in good faith is immune from administrative, civil, or criminal liability for actions involving alleged animal misconduct by a client. It will move to the House Floor for debate soon. Lowa State University will always hold a special place in my heart as my wife and I are both proud alumni.

Wrapping up this week’s edition of “Wulf’s Weekly Roundup From Capitol Hill,” I would like to highlight the lowa Truckers Association for coming and sharing their priorities at the Capitol to make sure we are working on legislation that will keep our trucking industry strong here in lowa.

Rep. Wulf’s district, Iowa House District 76, includes the communities of Traer, Dysart, and Buckingham in Tama County. He can be reached via email: derek.wulf@legis.iowa.gov