Food, fun and furry friends at Sunnycrest

Sunnycrest just had its annual state inspection, and things are going fantastic! Every year the facility is inspected by the state to make sure everything is running properly and smooth. The main focus of the inspection is the care of the residents, but everything in the entire facility is reviewed during the inspection. Food quality, employee records and status of the building in general are just a few of the areas reviewed.

Sunnycrest passed the inspection with flying colors. They had absolutely zero deficiencies in every department and area of the review. The state was very impressed with the atmosphere of Sunnycrest and said they have fantastic resident care. They were very pleased with the way Sunnycrest is opperating and are impressed by the wonderful staff. Last fall the facility received a new administrator Pete Kleinsteuber. Since Pete started, staffing has been one of his main focuses by adding hard working and compassionate new staff to the already existing wonderful team at Sunnycrest. Everyone has been working extremely hard to make this the best Facility around. Pete is proud of his team and knows that Sunnycrest has some of the best nurses and employees around. He also stated they are very grateful for the help of many volunteers from around town. Another main focus of Pete’s is to grow the number of residents at Sunnycrest. Their general census is up, and even since last fall they have welcomed a handful of new residents to the facility!

There is usually something fun or entertaining going on at Sunnycrest. Every Sunday volunteers come and put on a Church Service for anyone who would like to attend. Also, a few times a month different people will come to the facility and perform dances or live music for the residents. Residents also enjoy games and social time throughout the week. The facility just welcomed a new member, Felix the cat, who is greatly loved by everyone, including the staff. Felix makes his rounds spending a hour here or there visiting with the residents and keeping them company. Felix was donated to Sunnycrest by one of the residents families. He is five years old and is from the Waterloo Humane Society. These are just a few reasons why Sunnycrest is one of the best facilities in the state and recieved a perfect score on the inspection. This spring they also plan on planting some gardens, a few flowers to brighten the view and possibly a few vegetable plants as well. This will be a wonderful chance for the residents to get outside, be active, and enjoy the sunshine!

Sunnycrest has also been staying busy this winter with their Meals on Wheels program. They help deliver hot fresh meals to several people in the area. The meals are prepared at Sunnycrest and then volunteers come everyday to deliver them to the peoples homes. Without the many volunteers that help with this, the program would not be available, so they are very grateful for everyones time. They have also been staying busy with their Out Patient Therapy department. They have been seeing the numbers rise and the amount of patients increase over the last few months. They are always looking to grow and add new programs which help better our community and its residents. So if you have some free time or would like to share your talents feel free to contact them about volunteering!