Letter to the Editor: Chris Behrens

Do you realize Tama County’s current outdated wind energy conversion system ordinance in place requires very little for proof that there will be funds available to remove these monstrosities at some point? In fact the currently approved conditional use permit (CUP) for the first phase of Salt Creek has no financial guarantee of removal for the first 15 years. After 15 years is up, it is left to the wind company to choose whether they want to provide the county a bond or a letter of credit for a grossly underestimated guess at their removal. What if the wind company is no longer in existence? Well, the landowner is stuck with it. Many counties like Grundy, Hardin, Adair, and Madison are choosing to update their ordinances to ensure there are funds available for decommissioning so the price tag isn’t left to our kids and grandkids.

Please contact Tama County’s board of supervisors and let them know we need a moratorium to get this right: District 1 Supervisor Larry Vest 319-269-2645; District 2 Supervisor Bill Faircloth 641-751-5356; District 3 Supervisor Dan Anderson 641-750-2430.

Chris Behrens

Clutier, Iowa