Letter to the Editor: Linda Moeller

As taxpayers, we entrust the County Treasurer to properly account for our tax payments and license fees. We also expect the County Treasurer to have the necessary education, experience, and objectivity to do the job to serve taxpayers. Independent candidate for Tama County Treasurer Kathy Holtz has all those necessary qualifications and more.

She’s running in November’s general election as an Independent candidate. She is an independent thinker and someone who believes in public service. Kathy Holtz will be objective in leading the Treasurer’s office, to make sure she and her team lead by example with courtesy, respect, and excellence in accounting in serving taxpayers.

Kathy’s personable. Professional. Determined. And dedicated. We can trust her to get the job done well. Cast your vote for an experienced community leader and trained accounting professional. Vote for Kathy Holtz for Tama County Treasurer.


Linda Moeller