Letter to the Editor: Vote Brodigan for Supervisor

Do you believe in electing the most qualified candidate to do the job of safeguarding your tax dollars? If you do, the choice is clear in the November general election. Vote for Randie Brodigan for Tama County Supervisor.

Randie is experienced in county affairs. He worked in Tama County for several decades and has been involved serving others in many volunteer leadership roles around his job.

He has the necessary education, work experience, people skills, training and ability to work with and lead. He is deserving of your vote.

Randie is trustworthy, proven to be a hard worker and show up on the job, ethical and reliable to better account for your hard earned tax dollars.

Make your voice heard and make your vote count. Cast your vote in the November general election for Randie Brodigan, our independent candidate on the ballot. Go to the polls and vote for Randie for Tama County Supervisor. He will work for the citizens to safeguard our county and listen to our needs.

Karen Murty