Letter to the Editor: Stephanie Friestad

First, I would like to point out the harassment we have gotten since the two articles [“On the loose and prohibited;” “Tragic end for two aggressive dogs at large in Traer”] were posted. It was already going on and got substantially worse. Second, I’m going to shut the whole dog training thing down. It’s not a matter of training. You can have the best well trained dog in the world. And guess what? It’s still an ANIMAL. With INSTINCTS. You have an electric fence? Cool story. Pair that with a breed that is known for being independent. An electric fence isn’t going to stop them if they are determined to do something. Herding dogs are NOTORIOUS for being that way. So are wolf dogs and hybrids. … Why didn’t we put up a regular fence you ask? Well, as stated before … we had gone to the city and told them what we needed. We also stated that at the [Traer] city council meeting following the [Jan. 2, 2023] incident and were met with silence. And we needed a six foot fence. We were told no because it “obstructs the view of the property.” [The North Tama Telegraph] published a picture of our house. Do you really think a six foot fence will obstruct the view from the road? Really? It doesn’t. So, we had to go with less effective means. A.K.A. an electric fence. We all know the end result there. Third, as far as the harassment. I’ve been pretty vocal on social media that I DID NOT agree with [the officer’s] conduct that day or his handling of the situation. … Maybe what needed to be addressed wasn’t the dogs per se. Maybe the lack of togetherness which is what the town claims? Oh it’s together all right. Only if you belong to the right click. … There is also the bit of info that you guys failed to report on. … Did you know that when [the officer] arrived at the scene that he came out with his assault rifle, safety off, finger on the trigger, and took aim at one of our other dogs that was IN OUR YARD IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE? How do I know? I saw it from the window. … Did you know that one of those dogs was pregnant with 8 puppies? No. He didn’t kill two dogs. He killed 10. They were less than a week out from being due. But you had people there at that city council meeting. You always do. And none of that was mentioned. [North Tama Telegraph note: The death of the pregnant dog and puppies was reported in the article “Tragic end for two aggressive dogs at large in Traer.”] … But I know animal cruelty when I see it. I know misconduct when I see it. And I call it out. But here we are. I don’t even LIVE at that house. I haven’t for some time. But people don’t know. … People have strong opinions about us. Okay. Feel free but we aren’t allowed to speak out. But the moment I do, oh no. She can’t do that. Let’s get her. Publish this. But you probably won’t. It destroys the narrative. You already make it known you want only one side. Who cares about the other? Well, now you know. And if you do publish this, I’m sure I’ll be harassed even more. I can take it. Quite frankly, if all the better you have to do with your time is obsess about me, then maybe you should take up knitting.

Stephanie Friestad, Traer