Letter to the Editor: Hawkeye Community College

As the Board of Trustees for Hawkeye Community College, we’re committed to ensuring the public’s investment in Hawkeye is protected.

In 2015, voters approved a bond referendum to help the college fund a 10-year facilities plan. This came at a pivotal time in Hawkeye’s history. It not only preserved the public’s investment in Hawkeye, but it also allowed the college to continue providing state-of-the-art learning facilities and training for business and industry.

With the completion of the 2015 bond projects, the college launched a comprehensive planning process based on long-range workforce trends, demographic projections, and feedback from those the college serves.

Critical needs identified include expanding career and vocational training in skilled trades and law enforcement training while increasing STEM (Science Technology Engineering, Math) education for middle and high school students creating a bridge to high-demand careers and college. Hawkeye’s plan includes renovating and expanding a building for a Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Center and adding a STEM Learning Center with interactive learning technology to an existing building.

Since an existing levy is ending, this measure will not result in a tax rate increase.

We encourage you to support Hawkeye Community College with a “YES” vote on Tuesday, March 7.

Jay Nardini, Casey McLaughlin, Teresa Meyer, Barbara McGregor, Louis Beck, Christine Hutcheson, Bridget Saffold, JoDee Knox, and Merritt Jones

Board of Trustees, Hawkeye Community College