Letter to the Editor: Trish Kennedy

As a resident of the North Tama School District, we have an important vote coming up on March 7. The vote addresses the future of North Tama Schools. The 1917 core building has numerous facility challenges that threaten the ability of the school to provide a quality education to students in this district – our children. As an employee who works in this building daily, I see firsthand that it has become a structure that can no longer be bandaged together.

Our school is a crucial part of our community, and the core building bleeds money trying to maintain it. Our children are our future, and we need to continue to pave the way for their education. We are a rural community blessed to have a school for Pre-k through 12. This is why I’m voting yes on March 7.

I’m encouraging those who live in the district to please review the information provided by North Tama regarding the importance of this vote, how the taxes would affect us, the poor condition of the high school, and the future plan for North Tama Schools. That information can be found here: http://www.northtamaplanning.org

As a district, let’s re-invest in our school. When it comes to the health of our school, building community, the education of our children, and investing in our future, consider voting “yes”. Every vote matters.

What is the future of North Tama Schools if we don’t make this investment?

Trish Kennedy, Traer