“Stormy Outbreak!”

As a kid, our family vacationed in northern Minnesota; and the fishing was GREAT! Once, I rented my own boat. But heading out on the lake one beautiful day, a sudden storm kicked up white capped waves and I thought my boat was going to flip over.

I believe life shows several kinds of storms.

-There’s the “Storms of Obedience. Just because we’re doing the right thing doesn’t mean we won’t face storms.

-There’s the “Storms of Trials.” It makes us question where God is at. But the real question is “Where are we at, with God?”

-Another one is the “Storms of Character, “which reveal our true weaknesses-those personal things we hide from othersour fears, worries and how we handle them.

-And the biggest storms: the “Storms That Test Our Faith.” That’s the storm that rocks our faith with waves of doubt and distrust.

The Good News is this Storms will pass! It may not happen according to our timing, but they will pass The Bible says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.”

One final word: After the storms, the Son always shines! God’s Son! Know Him today!