Dengler Domain: Halloween costume tips


The beginning of October means “spooky” season is here. As a child, Halloween is a fun holiday. It means a night of endless candy and costumes. While the trick or treating goes away as one gets older, the costumes stick around. Whether it is for a party, work, or a fandom of Halloween, wearing a costume can be a fun experience. This holiday provides the one time of the year people can dress up as whatever they like, and most people will not judge them. ‘Most’ because everyone has seen a costume which used too much fake blood.

Here is a guide to help when choosing a Halloween costume. For example, originality counts. Who cares if not everyone gets it? If only one person gets it, this is a win. It matters if it is unique and unlike anyone else’s costume at the party. If you do not show up to a Halloween party as a lumberjack when fifteen other lumberjacks are already at this costume party, you are in an advantageous position. True story from my life. Being as creative as possible and different is the way to go. If people do not get it, they will still give an A+ for effort.

Those who do a costume idea as a group are impressive. In the past people may have chosen from classic television show characters or comic book characters. In today’s world, go with a meme. Everyone loves a good internet meme. When people see it who know it, they will appreciate it. Whatever group option one chooses, it will be worthwhile. Having more people in on an idea means more fun.

Add the props. Anyone can design the best-looking costume in the world, but not having the right props for it is a serious transgression. A costume can look great but add a prop or two, and they will put the costume over the top. While my lumberjack idea was unoriginal, I showed up with a toy chainsaw and no other lumberjack came prepared; meaning I was the best lumberjack at this party. I did not cut down trees, but I cut down my competition. Whether a stuffed animal, a baby or dog, preferably yours, in a costume, or prizes to give away, choosing any of these props will enhance a costume. People love being extra on Halloween and having props with a costume is the definition of being extra.

Choosing any of these ideas will make one’s costume stand out this year. The payoff will be worth it. I hope your costume idea goes well this year and have fun with it. If none of these tips work, there are always presidents’ masks waiting to be bought at the local store.