Dengler Domain: Snow


Every year it comes. I swear it will not bother me, and I am wrong every time. The snow comes. It does not matter if it sticks or not. When the snow comes, it ruins the day. Believing this to be the year winter will be more exciting, yet the snow shows up and my attitude goes from happy-go-lucky to Ebenezer Scrooge. Snow never brings happiness.

Even in the middle of November when the white powdery stuff is expected to be falling from the heavens, it is not welcomed. My mood dampens because the worst of winter is around the corner. For those who enjoy winter, they need to come forward and give every reason why. Being outside and having a wind chill of negative twenty and saying, “This is my favorite time of the year” does not appear to be logical. If their ancestors were polar bears, maybe this is plausible.

No way will winter overtake the top spot on my seasons’ power rankings. If winter is one’s favorite season, this means they like being cold rather than being comfortable or hot. This means one enjoys a minimum of three layers of clothing with hat and gloves to stay warm, but usually, one still ends up being cold. Other times of the year, it is only one layer. The minimalist lifestyle is the better choice.

Sledding, building snowmen, throwing snowballs, the holidays; are all wonderful parts of the winter season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are high in the holiday’s pantheon, but it does not make up for driving in the winter. Snow comes in addition to sleet. Slipping and sliding inside and outside of a car is not a fun experience. Hitting a patch of black ice at night makes one feel alive but feeling alive is much better when it comes from winning bingo, dunking a basketball, or eating a kolache.

The easiest point about why winter is not most people’s favorite season is that people in this state leave for the winter and do not come back until spring. If winter was a beloved time of year, this would not happen. Winter is cold, blustery, and not fun. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the first snowfall, this long season is about to begin sooner than later.