Dengler Domain: History


History is beautiful. Every little part of it. The best part is that is always around. Every day, a new piece of history can be unveiled. For example, driving through Pleasantville, Iowa, I came across an old school or Masonic Temple with gorgeous stained glass. While it did not look used for years, it was interesting to wonder what events took place inside of it when it was operating.

This is the charm of history. It always leaves one thinking and to cherish it is important. It is not about reliving the glory days as much fun as that can be but knowing where society has been and where it can go. History allows one to reflect on life. Preserving and understanding history good or bad is tantamount.

STEM is fine and dandy, but history and civics should get its day in the sun. More times than not, the foibles of society keep repeating themselves. Reflecting on the past can potentially motivate society to choose a better path in the future. Preserving the history of a community and an area can help people put their lives in perspective. Knowing how history is always building upon itself allows every person to realize they are put on the Earth to preserve it for the next generation.

Whether it is the Traer Museum, similar museums, or the Traer Nostalgia page on Facebook, telling the story of a place and passing down it to anyone is wonderful. Humans have done this for the test of time. With the internet and digitalization of records, it allows for people’s stories to remain in the cosmos for a long time.

Right now makes a wonderful time to record America’s stories for future generations. Knowing history is necessary for every single person. History promotes reflection which helps one realize their place in the grand scheme of life. It helps people realize their impact on society and how they can help grow it.

History tells one what happened and what one can learn from it. This can help society reach the better heights it is always trying to achieve. Learning from past mistakes to improve one’s present is the main goal. By increasing one’s historical knowledge, society has a chance at not repeating its same mistakes and learning about our collective history. The world is confusing, but history always has a story to help guide the way.