Dengler Domain: Fourth of July

Fourth of July is close. A celebration of independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. While it has become more about who makes the best burger, brats, or fireworks, it is the most important holiday. Without declaring independence, the United States of America would not have existed, nor would other countries follow in our footsteps. Americans wanted freedom, and we got freedom.

Despite what certain media types say, Americans can be proud of their country. While nothing is ever perfect, the United States is an extraordinary country. People on both sides of the aisle want followers to believe their exact opposites on the other side of the aisles do not think the United States is not good enough. This is two ends yelling at each other, and they should be ignored.

These types are driven to create more power for themselves and not for the people they say they want to protect. Declaring either side hates America is an overgeneralization. Most people of all types enjoy the red, white, and blue. That is a sweeping overgeneralization, but it sticks. Positivity over negativity. The beauty of all of it is these people can say whatever they want because they are exercising their freedom. While annoying, it is within their rights. Since we live in a free country, they can say what they want, and we all must live with it.

No one needs to be over the top with their love or hatred of America. The United States is a wonderful country with certain issues which we could improve. Citizens may disagree on the path to correct these issues, but at the end of the day, being in the United States puts a person a leg up on the rest of the world.

The moral of the story, our free country and modern media system make it profitable and advantageous to be loud and annoying. These are the voices to ignore. Whether it is trying to get all sides of the story or not believing everything one reads on the internet, critical thinking is necessary. Do not follow the path which connects easiest with emotion. Follow the path which follows the facts. It may not be easy, it never is, but it is the right thing to do.

Our forefathers made mistakes along the way which hurt members of our society, but fortunately, for the country they created, we can have these discussions. All because they stood up to the crown to fight for their freedom. Now is time to eat a burger, safely shoot off a firework, and enjoy the Fourth of July. It is the American thing to do.