Dengler Domain: Giving Thanks

Considering Thanksgiving was last week, I am late with this article. After the pandemonium of celebrating the holiday, I finally had time to sit down and give thanks. In no particular order, here are a few things for which I am thankful.

1. United States of America

We might not be perfect, but the USA is a wonderful country. We are allowed to have different opinions, and most people have a good relationship with each other. The beauty of the physical landscape across the United States from the amber waves of grain to the skyscrapers of the big city. Suburban America, not so much. The beauty of the United States and its ideals – immigrants still travel here to pursue the American dream. This speaks volumes. Few countries get this aspiration – like no one is clamoring to move to Uzbekistan.

2. Food

Whether burgers, sauteed vegetables, fruits, mac and cheese, meatballs, potatoes and gravy, and every other food besides mint, food is delicious and plentiful. I am very thankful to live in a country without food shortages. Look no further than Haiti to see a country struggling with these issues. Sidebar, go read up on what is happening in Haiti. It is a shame. While there should not be as much unhealthy food in America, it is sweet and savory to try and I am thankful I must battle with the idea of trying to eat less of it.

3. Family and Friends

This is nothing original, but I am thankful for my wonderful family and the friends who complete my life. It might be a complex jigsaw puzzle with how it fits together, but it is beautiful. I am also thankful for family members and friends who have come and gone through my life. They have provided moments to cherish now and forever.

4. Northern Tama County

Whether it was going to school in Traer or going to church in Dysart or visiting Clutier to see my grandma, I have touched all parts of Northern Tama County. For a person whose grandparents both farmed, I am thankful for the land we have been fortunate enough to farm. Outside of the opportunity to farm, it has provided me the chance to write, tell jokes, and a bunch of other life changing moments. Those who have lived on this land whether in towns or in the country taught me skills I continue to use in life. I am thankful for the land and the people, and I hope I can pay it back in return.

These four thankful parts of life are what I am most thankful for. While I still have plenty more and could go on and on, the newspaper does not have unlimited ink. It is important to reflect and give thanks in life. The world is tough but being grateful and giving thanks to those who need it goes a long day. It certainly will make every day a little easier.