Dengler Domain: Picture Perfect


Picture perfect is a cliché term. It has been referred to many times in moments which may not actually be the best definition of picture perfect. This is where subjectivity comes in, but there is one picture perfect setting. It is often taken for granted. This is the Iowa landscape.

Living in town can block the natural beauty Iowa offers. When driving through the countryside, it looks like a painting. When it is not cloudy, the bright blue-sky dazzles above the everlasting landscape where the eye can see for miles on end. From discussions with those not from Iowa, they mention how impressive it is to see an unending horizon. With the rolling hills and relatively flat landscape, Iowa has a view most will not see for most of their lives. Take the time to cherish this view when driving from small town to small town. Not everyone has the opportunity.

What comes with this opportunity is also an Iowa sunset. This type of sunset can create a mosaic of colors. From the blues to the oranges to the reds, the sky is painted uniquely every night making it as special as an ocean sunset. Add in the farmsteads dotting the landscape in the foreground next to fields with grain, and it makes for endless painting and photo opportunities. More importantly, enjoy the experience through only the naked eye. No need to make it more complicated than need be.

A nice touch to this landscape would be by creating more diversity in it. Whether this is through a variety of different crops growing next to the farmsteads or increasing the public lands available to those town and city dwellers. It only enhances the natural beauty Iowa has to offer with more prairies and woodlands. It is obvious Iowa’s population is not booming. While enhancing Iowa’s natural beauty might not bring a major influx of new Iowans, it will help keep more people in the Hawkeye State and be one of our best kept secrets.

Improving this natural beauty is about giving this opportunity to those who cannot enjoy this never-ending horizon or gorgeous sunset from their front porch. Sharing these wonderful views with fellow Iowans and non-Iowans is important. Nature is a wonderful part of human existence and protecting it should be necessary. At the end of the day, life is tough. Iowans should try to make it easier for every other Iowan to have a picture perfect view.

Sean Dengler is a writer, comedian, farmer, and host of the Pandaring Talk podcast who grew up on a farm between Traer and Dysart. You can reach him at sean.h.dengler@gmail.com.