The Dengler Domain: Traveling

Recently, my wife and I came back from Tennessee. The Volunteer State was a cool vacation destination. Tennessee being a tree haven was not a fact I knew. Our first stop in Tennessee was Memphis. It is a little rough around the edges, but it is a fine city. On the flip side, Nashville is built for tourists. Neither my wife or I are country fans, but we made the trip to see the Grand Ole Opry. While it lies on the outskirts of Nashville, it was worth the trip. Finding Ryman Auditorium was easier. It was conveniently located downtown next to all the bars with the performing musicians.

Traveling is fun, and it should be a necessity. Working every day of the year and only taking PTO to stay home is not fun. House projects can wait another five months. Going to new locations cannot be waited on. There are many benefits to traveling and going on vacation. I recommend old and young should take the advantage to see new sights.

Traveling allows a person to experience life in a new place. This does not mean specifically taking the important mecca to Disney World. Picking a state or country one has never been to and visiting it is the best option. Taking the trip day by day, and not entirely planning it out is the best part of traveling. Having a set schedule every day going from point A to point B to point C is not worth it. Traveling is fun, not stressful. Without a set schedule, people can explore and experience the vacation destination in real time. This allows the travelers to feel the vibe of the city when they are not focused on a schedule.

The relaxation of travel is great. While the drive or flying part of it is not great, waking up in a new place for a week is wonderful. There is no pressure of “Oh no! I’m late for work.” Take the vacation at one’s own pace and enjoy it. Vacation is meant for relaxation. Visiting a bar for a late night drink or walking through a new and different park increases the relaxation meter. The stresses and pressures of everyday life do not exist on vacation so take full advantage of it.

The education part of traveling is another important factor. Learning about another culture, new cities, or states is beneficial to the mind. New experiences can show us new perspectives. While I was in Tennessee, I learned a lot of cool facts like murals are a big thing in Nashville or when I eat hot chicken, my mouth almost catches on fire. This necessitates needing a fire hose to put it out. Traveling makes for new experiences, and new experiences make for new educational moments.

Traveling is great, and I highly recommend it. I always enjoy seeing new locations, and it helps me live a better life. I hope most other people take advantage of traveling because it is beneficial. Traveling is a wonderful part of life, and it is never too late to start it. That is why we should all go on a big trip together. I am kidding. That would be awful. Riding on a tour bus would be no good. Go with your loved ones. It will be fun.