The Dengler Domain: Wake Up Times

Recently, I wrote about becoming an early riser, and getting up early led to more tasks being accomplished. It has been fine and dandy, but this led to a new thought. While waking up at five has not be the easiest transition, I have woken up at different times. Here are my rankings on different wake up times.

In last place is the snooze alarm. Hitting the snooze means avoid getting up, and then it results in waking up later to only get up later. This is very counterproductive. Unfortunately, this is a bad problem for me. Every night, I have the intention to wake up early only to halfway sleep to a much later time. This results in waking up late and not accomplishing the needed tasks. Hitting the snooze is a great option in the short term but hurts significantly in the long term.

In fourth place is five in the morning. Waking up this early is tough. While it is nice to get tasks done before most the world awakes, trying to wake up knowing no one else is awake is hard. Everyone else enjoys their Zzzz’s while being the only one up is hardly motivating. During summer, it is easier to wake up. Winter, not so much, the long nights make waking up at five in the morning harder than ever.

In third place is six in the morning. It is only an hour later but still early. Compared to five in the morning, not much has changed besides being later and a little lighter outside. Six is too early to wake up before an eight or nine in the morning start time for a job. The motivation factor is still missing with not everyone being up in the world.

In second place is seven in the morning. Waking up at seven is a good time. There is enough time to get ready for the day and not be late for work. The only problem is it will be tough to accomplish any tasks before work comes a calling. Motivation can come from waking up this late and the urgency from waking up late, but this is not the right mindset to be in to accomplish tasks.

In first place is any time after seven in the morning. Feeling well rested always happen after seven unless one goes to sleep at six in the morning. Waking up at eight, nine, or ten is a wonderful feeling. Sleeping in never feels bad unless tasks need to be done, but if someone consistently sleeps this late in life, they are living the dream and/or retired. This is where I want to be.

I will see you all in the morning