Dengler Domain: September 2


Labor Day is here. This marks the end of summer, and fortunately, the end of the heat. There might be near-unanimous agreement for the heat to be gone. Unfortunately, Iowa autumns are as rare as bears in Iowa. Once in a blue moon, one comes, but more than likely, it stays in hiding. The worst part is summer flew by faster than ever this year.

It is easy to mope about the already gone summer, but the rest of the year looks good. This was a summer of traveling after a year of staying put, and the exhaustion is real. Staying put for a few months sounds worth it. Watching football is a good plan. Pumpkin spice lattes would also be worth it but not my cup of joe. This fall and winter will be better spent with friends and family.

It can always be tough with an onslaught of cold weather quickly approaching coupled with less time spent outdoors. Snowbirds exist for a reason, but they may be wrong. The cold can be exciting, and these will be words to soon regret. All the traveling in the heat and the extra humid summer have warped the mindset. When the first snowstorm season starts, my mindset may snap back to reality.

The cold and nasty weather of winters slows one down. After a summer on the run, this sounds like the perfect complement. Being home for the first time in a month is a relaxing and reassuring feeling. Instead of constantly chasing goals or moving up in the world, maybe staying put is a good decision. Cherishing the small moments of not being on the move is worth it. Enjoy the doldrums of winter and embrace the beauty of spring and summer.

This is the beauty of Iowa which needs to be taken advantage of. There will always be places where there are perfect temperatures all year around, but life does not change throughout the year. Iowa offers a different pace of life whether it is for better or worse. Take advantage of the seasons and embrace the slow pace of life. Do not fret about summer being gone but get excited for the colder months ahead and enjoying the moments which line in them. In addition, at least we do not have to deal with over a hundred-degree heat index any time soon.