Dengler Domain: Sept. 16


Looking out for each other is the best action one can do in society. Trying one’s best to help the greater good is the best one can do. It is hard. Self-interest is the easiest and most comfortable route but volunteering or giving service to the community rises the community’s tide.

Finding time to volunteer is hard. Life is always calling to do something else whether professionally or personally. It is best to give back when one is in a more fortunate situation. Money is always helping but putting feet on the ground can make an impact to make society better and help form a more perfect Union.

Unfortunately, the winds of modern society make it hard. Maintaining the social fabric is harder now than in the past. People leave for better jobs, different values, or a variety of other reasons. Honestly, the internet is the biggest reason. While the internet brought the world closer, it also made the world more distant. At this point in human history, it is the easiest to communicate with some across the world, but it also allows humans to separate themselves into their online world groups and interests.

Maybe others do not see this as the main issue, and this can be valid. Humans have long blamed new technology for their woes. From my experience, this was my biggest hurdle preventing me from volunteering in the community. I had everything at the palm of my fingertips. Why do anything else? After a while, I realized I was living in a bubble. Not everyone thought like me or who I interacted with online. By volunteering, this allows me to give back and participate in the community with a wide variety of individuals.

The best part of volunteering is showing you care. Caring for others is the greatest gift humans possess. Being able to help those in need through our service is the most rewarding feeling one can do. Being involved and challenging oneself to volunteer in a different situation can be uncomfortable. In these situations, being uncomfortable means growth. This is what every human should strive for.

Meet new individuals, understand one another, and help the world become a better place. Therefore, one should volunteer and give service to their community. Sharing is caring. Let’s do our best to uphold each other and give back to our community.