Letter to the Editor: Edward E Evans

Bottom line up front; I support my state representative David Maxwell.

Recently I received a political flier with my state representative’s photo on one side and the governor’s photo on the other, amazing what one party will do to itself. My representative David Maxwell has been working hard to make sure idiotic bills are not passed in the Iowa House, he is not a party yes man nor do I wish him to be, we need free thinkers who are not intimated by the party they belong to, to opponents across the aisle, and certainly not by the Governor that represents the same party. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore at all political levels, if you can’t sling mud well then you just aren’t in the game. Recently my representative voted for an unpopular bill regardless of where you find your morality but he as I feel, big government should not run your life on health issues, I thought we had the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996 for that, meaning what I do with my issues are private. If you want to quote chapter and verse from the Bible that is fine but in the end, it is I who will have to answer to God for my mistakes or sins, not some idiot in DC or at any other level of government. Should you have an opinion other than mine that is what our government system is supposed to be about, it’s your right to express your views as guaranteed in the First Amendment. That amendment also allows us the right of peaceable assembly, and to petition the government for redress of grievances. I don’t see that happening, all I see is arguing to the point that little good work is being accomplished without a lot of pork being thrown in. A bill should stand on its own without hidden agendas but at last, I have started to digress. Let me quote cartoon statesmen from the past; Pogo said “I have met the enemy and it be us.”

Stay safe and God bless.

Edward E Evans

706 Church Street

Deep River, IA 52222