Dengler Domain: August 12, 2021


The Winding Stairs are back! What a beautiful sentence. I have been looking forward to this event for the last two years. It is a time of celebration and good times in the town of Traer. If you have not been, I recommend it. Due to going to North Tama, but I am biased, this is the best small-town festival. Whether being young or old, it has always been a good time.

Will I be at the bingo tent trying to out bingo the old ladies? You know it. Will I inevitably lose to them every time? You know it. The bingo tent is one of my favorite parts of the festival. As a child, I thought twenty-five cents was a decent price. Blackout was a dollar, and I stopped playing like an average joe stops playing a pro in Texas Hold ‘Em. The risk was too high. Turns out, I was very wrong. One dollar these days goes a long way.

The festival also goes late into the night with a musical act taking them across the finish line. In high school, I remember going back to friends’ houses and then taking a lap around the town before heading home. On my lap, I drove by the festival to see it still going, and it was cool. People staying up late and having a fun time while I went to bed. I was jealous. This year the Pork Tornadoes are one of the musical acts, and they will certainly make it a wonderful time.

Being able to see old friends and family is great. The atmosphere is always good as people, young and old, are enjoying these fun days and nights a couple of times a year. Eating out of food trucks or stands, enjoying loud music or other entertainment options, and maybe a few adult beverages is a wonderful time.

This festival is a wonderful part of Traer. It will be an enjoyable time for those who attend. It is also a wonderful way to support the community and the small businesses and organizations which represent it. Hope you can make it because I will see you there!