Dengler Domain: The Price is Right

The Price is Right is my jam. I always looked forward to this show when I was sick from school growing up. Unfortunately, as the years have gone by, my time watching this show has waned. Every time I turn it on, I am always reminded of why I love this show and all the fun aspects of it.

The first aspect is the One Bid. This beginning part of the show is where contestants earn their right to get to the pricing games. There are different moves a contestant can make, but one of my favorites is bidding $1. It is wild when people bid $550 when bidding $1 was the better strategy, and they overbid with the $550. Always go with $1. The next favorite strategy is always bidding $1 over the previous bid. Typically, the last person deploys this move to bid so one can sneak in with the winning bid. While satisfying to watch someone win this way, nothing is more satisfying than winning with a bid of $1.

My favorite pricing game is Plinko. Contestants are always extremely excited when they find out they are playing this game. As a viewer, I am also overly excited to see this game. Watching the Plinko disk slide down the Plinko set piece is a great thrill in television. The anticipation of whether the Plinko disk is going to fall into the big money spots or the zero makes for a dramatic moment in television.

The Showcase is the best and most frustrating part of The Price is Right. The reason for frustration is in almost every episode, one showcase is significantly better than the other one. This better showcase will have at least three trips including one to a beach and a BRAND-NEW CAR. The contestant will then pass on this clearly better showcase for a showcase which is an exercise bike, a $25 gift card to TJ Maxx, and a new golf bag. It makes no sense why the contestant passes because for anyone who has watched more than one episode of The Price is Right, you never pass on the showcase with trips and a car. Unfortunately, it happens every single time.

If you never have or it has been a while, give The Price is Right a watch. It is still enjoyable with Drew [Carey] as it was with Bob [Barker]. Nothing is better than seeing the sheer joy on people’s faces when they win money and prizes. Do not worry if you miss it today because it will be on tomorrow.